Annapolis: “A Plan Is On”—But What Is It?

I’ve been refraining from writing about the upcoming Annapolis conference on the Middle East, because it seems so foolish in conception, bizarre in timing, inept in execution, and hopeless in potential that I’ve assumed that the Bush administration has something up its sleeve that will make this seemingly irrational behavior intelligible. In the Jerusalem Post, however, Caroline Glick says what I’ve been thinking. (Hat tip: … Continue reading Annapolis: “A Plan Is On”—But What Is It?

The Party of the Rich?

The Washington Times reports that the Democratic party is now the party of the rich. A new study found that “the majority of the nation’s wealthiest congressional jurisdictions were represented by Democrats.” Power Line argues that this has happened because, since 1994, tax increases have been off the table, eliminating the conflict between the Democrats’ ideology and the economic self-interest of the affluent. I think … Continue reading The Party of the Rich?

The Future Belongs to Those Who Show Up for It, Part II

Here‘s an article on environmentalists who sterilize themselves for the sake of the planet. Some quick points: (1) Surely this fails the test of Kant’s categorical imperative. What if everyone were to act on the same maxim? The human race would die out—something no rational agent could will, for it would entail the extinction of rationality. This would, moreover, be bad—showing that it also fails … Continue reading The Future Belongs to Those Who Show Up for It, Part II

Happy Thanksgiving!

The original Thanksgiving, John Stossel argues, is a testimony to private property. The Plymouth colony, like the early church, originally was set up on a principle of communal ownership. The result: a tragedy of the commons, in the form of starvation. Once people were allowed to own and farm their own plots, they enjoyed a bounty—hence the Thanksgiving feast. For a very different take on … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Votes for Sale or Rent

Greg Mankiw writes about a question he was asked in Michael Sandel’s course on Justice: “If you economists are so in favor of voluntary exchange, would you extend that conclusion to letting a person sell his right to vote to another?” His answer is no, because of the externalities involved. A may buy B’s vote for an inefficient program, the costs of which fall upon … Continue reading Votes for Sale or Rent

Western Civilization

Institutions of higher learning have been much in the news lately, and generally not in a good way. So, when there are positive developments, they deserve to be recognized. The University of Texas at Austin has approved a new field of study in Western Civilization, which will be home to interdisciplinary courses with an emphasis on great books. Courses will cover ancient, medieval, and modern … Continue reading Western Civilization

Chuck Norris for Mike Huckabee

Ann Althouse found this wonderful ad in which Chuck Norris endorses Mike Huckabee. It uses a variety of Chuck Norris jokes. For example, “Chuck Norris doesn’t endorse. He tells America how it’s gonna be.” Huckabee wisely stays in the background and tells the jokes, letting Norris make the political points. I wish all political ads were this entertaining. I’m not sure that the ad works, … Continue reading Chuck Norris for Mike Huckabee

Freak Dances

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a page one article on a controversy in the Texas town of Argyle: Should schools permit “freak dancing” at school dances? Parents and some school officials are concerned that students dress and dance too provocatively. The rest is predictable; advocates of restrictions see moral collapse, while opponents compare this to shock over Elvis Presley’s gyrating hips. I have a simpler … Continue reading Freak Dances