3 thoughts on “Are There Other Worlds? How Could We Know?

  1. VideoDoc somehow managed to surf on your blog! This post reminded him of questions that he founds interesting. Although his main interest is animations and so on, all those science-specific fields are interesting, bizzare too
    VideoDoc recalls one fine book and he remembers just an author – Nick Bostrom. He wrote one very interesting article where he questioned whether is it possible that our world is a sort of virtual simulation and that stuff

  2. Interesting, how many people are even aware of such possible, just theoretical way all things possibly, just possibly could be. It takes some time even to chew information of that kind. Nick Bostrom is a scientist, he gotta to know something very deep to realize a theoretical possibility he wrote about.
    I guess those ideas are kinda vanguard of all sort of new theories that aren’t even mentioned by default in most part of schools, universities, colleges in psychics and information science. Few weeks ago I for the very first time was able to finally meet with chaos theory – I got Lorenz book “Chaos”. It gave so many thoughts, considerations that never before raised in my head. And now this article 😦
    It is just fact – science, people, we are still unaware of many things, still drawing big picture. But there are people to whom this big picture means nothing, they even never wondered of things that goes outside default days problem. That was amazing how once few people looked at me when I just tried to introduce in very rough form key arguments from this article, just to give thoughts and so on. Our every day problems, they are so small and unneccessary if we think for a moment . But than again…..

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