Annapolis: “A Plan Is On”—But What Is It?

I’ve been refraining from writing about the upcoming Annapolis conference on the Middle East, because it seems so foolish in conception, bizarre in timing, inept in execution, and hopeless in potential that I’ve assumed that the Bush administration has something up its sleeve that will make this seemingly irrational behavior intelligible. In the Jerusalem Post, however, Caroline Glick says what I’ve been thinking. (Hat tip: Little Green Footballs.) I’ve been trying to see Annapolis as something, anything, other than a betrayal of Israel, but the more I learn, the harder it gets.

2 thoughts on “Annapolis: “A Plan Is On”—But What Is It?

  1. Prof Philo:
    Very smart post. I’m astonished that, over the last thirty years, the State of Israel has entered into so many political agreements, in which they give up tremendous assets–land, religious sites, archeaological sites, etc.–imperil their safety, and get nothing but greater endangerment in return. Israel gave up the Sinai, and got little protection for it–it’s a porous border for terrorists and weapons. They gave up Southern Lebanon, in exchange for nothing but more peril: the peace the U.N. agreed to enforce has never materialized. They let Arafat back into the Palestinian territories and they got an intifada and war. They gave up the Gaza strip, and in return they got a launching ground for Hamas missiles. Now, what more will they give up? It mystifies me that the political dynamic is so clearly biased against Israel. Would the U.S. State Department be sastisfied if Israel disappeared? Can you imagine inviting Syria (sc. Hamas) to the negotiating table, in which the primary question is the future of Israel? Would the Bush Administration invite Osama Bin Laden to a summit, negotiating the future of New York state? Astonishing.

  2. It’s all just part of the mindset that surely if we try to be reasonable and compromise, tyrants and terrorists will eventually be reasonable in return. Margaret Thatcher always drove this point home: trying to appease murderers just emboldens them. Some politicians just cannot learn this simple lesson.

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