So It’s Our Fault?

Ann Althouse notes Hillary’s answer to a question about where she really stands: “There are some who will say they don’t know where I stand. I think you know better than that. I stand where I have stood for 35 years. I stand with you. And with your children. And with every American who needs a fighter in their corner for a better life.” Althouse’s reaction:

That reminds me of John Kerry saying “You’re not listening” to a man who wanted to know his position on the war — the one thing Kerry said that I pinpointed as what turned me against him.

And what are we supposed to already know about Hillary? Absurdly, there isn’t the slightest content to her statement. She stands with us — with me, with children, and with everyone. Is that a place? With us. Sure! If you want to know where she is, you only have to ascertain where we are. So take some polls and find out.

Hillary Clinton never held public office until elected to the Senate in 2000. During her time as first lady, she led health care initiatives but otherwise played an enigmatic policy role. So, we really have not thirty-five but seven years on the record to evaluate where she stands—and, for much of that, she has been running for President, raising the question of which of her stands really reflect her beliefs and which she took for political reasons.

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