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…isn’t necessarily a strength or a qualification. Caroline Glick reminds us just how terrible he’s been on dealing with Iran.

UPDATE: It’s been reported that, behind closed doors, Biden told Israeli officials that they would have to get used to a nuclear Iran.  The campaign is denying it, trumpeting his support for Israel, but unfortunately it’s consistent with his long-term softness on Iran.

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Palin by Comparison

Here‘s a point by point comparison of Sarah Plain and Barack Obama.

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It’s Palin!

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

John McCain has selected Alaska’s governor, Sarah Palin, to be his running mate.

I think this is a brilliant pick on several levels. First, Sarah Palin is a strong conservative. She will reassure and excite those in the Republican base who have been less than enthusiastic in their support of McCain. Second, she’s an outstanding candidate in her own right, with real accomplishments that make those of Barack Obama look puny. Third, she’s a fresh face; she makes it impossible for the Democrats to paint the Republican ticket as old, tired, and more of the same. Fourth, she’s a woman—one with a more impressive resume than Hillary, not to mention Obama—who should have a strong appeal to Hillary primary voters.

Note, by the way, that this photograph is aligned right.

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Church Service Bingo!

Addiction Can’t remember what the sermon was about Long pauses in prayer Pastor’s story debunked on snopes.com Evangelism
Microphone doesn’t work properly Feedback! “we do pray” Third world countries “Is A B, or is B A?”
Choir member falls asleep Global warming FREE Service runs long Crying or babbling child
Pastor tells personal story Injustice Inappropriate joke or story Child makes funny remark during children’s moment “Minute” for mission
Pastor chuckles during prayer “Someone once said…” Musician makes obvious mistake “The planet” Pastor mentions sexuality

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Stephen Green provides lighthearted coverage of protesters’ attempt to levitate the Denver Mint—until Michelle Malkin arrives. She demonstrates almost unbelievable self-control in the face of ugly, threatening behavior.

In other protest news, Zombie shows us what happens when anarchists try to coordinate a protest.

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The Census Bureau reports that the number of people lacking health insurance dropped by more than one million last year. I await the flood of mainstream media coverage of this excellent news!

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Barack Obama is complaining to the Department of Justice and threatening stations and networks with legal action to stop them from airing an independent ad that links him to domestic terrorism by way of his association with Bill Ayers. As Michelle Malkin points out, that doesn’t bode well for freedom of speech under an Obama administration. Obama calls the ad an “appalling lie.” But everything the ad says is true:

  1. Ayers, as head of the Weather Underground, was a domestic terrorist.
  2. Ayers remains unrepentant about his activities.
  3. Obama did have close association with Ayers—much closer than Obama has acknowledged—getting his political start in Ayers’ home and working with Ayers on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

Ironic, isn’t it, that the only thing that gives the complaint any chance of success is a law called McCain-Feingold?

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The University of Illinois at Chicago has promised to open the records of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge on Tuesday. But questions remain:

1) Were any of the materials tampered with or changed in any way after the University was contacted by Dr. Stanley Kurtz, a writer for the National Review, who was the individual whose request to review the CAC documents triggered the UIC shutdown?

2) Who “called into question” the right of the University to “grant public access” to the records?

3) The possible involvement of Bill Ayers remains unclear.

4) The role of the Chicago Public Education Fund led by Susan Crown and Penny Pritzker, among others, should be explained.

Steve Diamond observes:

And a donor would never be allowed to know who or when someone is asking to review a validly granted gift of documents. That violates the confidentiality of library users. It reminds me of the concerns that civil libertarians have properly raised about the Patriot Act.
That leaves only one possible conclusion: Someone inside the UIC Library clearly was concerned that a critic of Barack Obama might be attempting to examine these public records. That led to an unprecedented and, in my view, highly inappropriate notice to the donor of the CAC documents that a potential political critic of Obama was interested in the documents.
Meanwhile, Clarise Feldman argues that the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and cover-up are going to cost Obama severely.

The truth is that the two men [Obama and Ayers] worked closely together for years, beginning several months before that 1995 fundraiser. The fund Obama chaired and which was supposed to improve public education in Chicago never met its stated purpose of improving public school pupils’ performance and, in fact, probably hindered it, despite having blown through $110 million in the process. And as chairman of this group Obama funneled this money to politically useful types including Fidelistas and Maoists who like Ayers (now vice-president elect of the American Education Research Association) are working to make our public schools indoctrination centers for the left….

Will voters who consider education an important issue — and surely that includes many important voter groups for Obama — take kindly to a man who took $110 million of charitable funds which were earmarked for improving public education and squandered it on salaries for men like Weatherman Ayers and Michael Klonsky, the Maoist leader of the Revolutionary Youth Movement which worked with the Weather Underground and who at the time of CAC’s lavish grants to him worked as a cab driver?

Will the voters regard it as relevant that while Ayers and Obama were furthering their career interests in the disposition of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge millions, they did absolutely nothing — per a formal review of the program — to improve the academic performance of the pupils in their program and, indeed, may have hindered their academic progress by trying to turn every school they worked with into laboratories of revolutionary action in line with Ayres’ authoritarian agenda and belief that the public school system is “nothing but a reflection of capitalist hegemony”?…

This story is going to kill Obama at the polls.

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Say It Ain’t So, Joe!

“I’m afraid it’s so, boys.” Joe Biden is Obama’s Vice-Presidential pick. Here are some reactions from around the blogosphere:

Scott Johnson: “underwhelming for many reasons.”

Jennifer Rubin: “the selection of Biden as VP seems to cast doubt on the entire premise of the Obama campaign which is that experience doesn’t matter.”

Glenn Reynolds: “So Much for Change? That’s unfair. He’s at least as fresh a face as Madeleine Albright.”

Richard Miniter: “His record will give bloggers and reporters good fodder for months.”

There’s much more here. The McCain campaign has already put out an ad featuring Biden’s criticism of Obama: “I think he can be ready, but right now I don’t think he is. The Presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training.”

I’m no fan of Biden’s, but it’s hard to think of many better candidates. (Sam Nunn was the one who would have helped Obama most, I think, but I doubted all along that he would accept the job.) The Biden pick illustrates that there’s an astounding lack of talent in the Democratic party.

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Feline Friday: Yoda

No, this one isn’t mine—Yoda lives in Illinois—but his four ears are noteworthy. He really does look like an alien creature.

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